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Wed, Oct 13, 2010
Emporia, Kansas

For any interesting information please see Wichita or Lawrence posts. 

I could bore y`all with quips and stories of when I thought I saw a bear, but they'd be lies.  I bore myself talking about the riding portion and the roads and the mileage again and again and again.  That simply cannot be interesting to the couple people who decide to read this.  Can it?  

Let me paint a picture for you:


Tue, Oct 12, 2010
Topeka, Kansas


Goons and Goblins,

I'd write something clever here about Topeka renaming itself to Google, but I think that sort of takes care of itself.  Writing these blogs gets difficult at times.  This is because I am too lazy to write...

Mon, Oct 11, 2010
Lawrence, Kansas


Everybody in Kansas hypes Lawrence. "You've got to go to Lawrence," they say. They say it with energy, and that makes the difference. It's more like "You've GOT to go to LAWRENCE!" 

Lawrence is to Kansas what Athens is to Ohio, and Bloomington to Indiana. It's a college-town, and because of that, it is a hub for culture and arts in an sea of farmland. Unfortunately, it's not yet college basketball season, so we didn't get to check out the...

Sun, Oct 10, 2010
Kansas City, Missouri

It's Maj. I took down Dan's rhyming title "Kansas City - Manwich Pity" because I didn't get it. We're delayed in writing this post, and I already forget Kansas City. The downtown was very clean, I remember that much.

We saw The Ohio Players at a free concert, but we can't use their music or the footage because they didn't sign anything. Look them up in the funny pages. We also payed a visit to local band,...

Sun, Oct 3, 2010
Columbia, Missouri

STOP right there!

We at Bandcycle have come upon some hard times. Maj has misplaced his left arm, Kortlander's got swine flu, and Mallette grew a tail that he won't quit chasing. Personally, I don't think he'll ever catch it.

Here's the real deal. We're taking a few days off and recouping. I got the flu, and the rest of the boys are just using my sickness as an excuse to take some time off. I am currently sitting in the Kansas City airport about to board a flight back to...

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Thu, Sep 30, 2010
St Louis, Missouri

We spent the last couple days in St. Louis, Missouri - The Gateway to the West. Dan and I had some fun crossing the Mississippi River and photographed ourselves between the state lines of Illinois and Missouri. Also, I tried Arby's for the first time in my life. It tasted great, but I don't know if it that's because it was actually good, or if I was just really hungry from back-to-back 80+ mile biking days.


Wed, Sep 29, 2010
St Elmo, Illinois

Check. Your. Faktz. 

We didn't actually stay in St. Elmo, we just biked there. We couchsurfed in a nameless place in the middle of Illinois. The nearest town was called Toledo. We stayed with the rugged, self-sufficient Kaye family who burn their plastic, and offset it "with carbon credits from the nursery stock" they tend to. Between them and the three or four neighboring families, grocery store trips are not required. Everything we ate from the steak, tomatoes, and...

Tue, Sep 28, 2010
Terre Haute, Indiana

Dear Southern Indiana,

Please pave your roads. I do not appreciate 10 miles of riding through loose gravel. You look just like Ohio, only your roads are unpaved. And your dogs keep chasing us. If you don't ease up on us soon I will post annoyed little micro-blogs all over the twitter machine and you'll never be able to recover from the mess of press I'll throw you in. Thanks to your unpaved roads we were unable to enjoy what I'm sure is a fine, quaint little town, Terre Haute....