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Somewhere, Kansas

Somewhere, Kansas

Wed, Oct 13, 2010
Emporia, Kansas
64 degrees, Sunny.


For any interesting information please see Wichita or Lawrence posts. 

I could bore y`all with quips and stories of when I thought I saw a bear, but they'd be lies.  I bore myself talking about the riding portion and the roads and the mileage again and again and again.  That simply cannot be interesting to the couple people who decide to read this.  Can it?  

Let me paint a picture for you:

 I am sitting at a kitchen table in Wichita trying to catch up on blogs.  We've been here for almost a week due to an IT band injury on my part (more to come on that later) so it's beginning to feel like home.  Our director, who has recently taken on the nickname Dry Bones, is sitting next to me, going through footage and writing outlines for our editor to work off of.  Our production coordinator is sitting on the couch, listening to what I can only imagine to be some sort of faucet dripping, monks praying, Beach Boys influenced indie music.  Maj is downstairs napping.  I went to the doctor's this morning and got my knee shot up with some steroids.  I am fighting off roid rage to the best of my ability and have managed to salvage the majority of our host's china from being broken over my head.  Here is something interesting Dry Bones just said to me that I think is funny:

"I don't know Dan, I am trying to make a flat tire interesting."

That's how exciting our time has been lately in Kansas. 

Also, I have found great humor in brainstorming for a segment that I will release in my own head.  It's called "Dry Bones Does..."  In it I take things Dry Bones does, like any regular human, and show 5 second clips of him taking the material action.  Here is a list of some ideas I've had thus far:

Dry Bones eats nuts...

Dry Bones does the hokie pokie...

Dry Bones types on his laptop...

Dry Bones buys a chocolate donut...

Dry Bones cooks soup...


You get the point.  This is probably less than humorous to everyone reading this.  But I really think it's hilarious.  Has Kansas ruined me?


Pop Culture Reference for Google: The Situation

Distance Biked: 64 miles

Distance Biked to Date: 1493 miles

Are you on pain meds for you

Are you on pain meds for you knee?

Kansas has indeed ruined you.

Kansas has indeed ruined you. Get on out of their and make another webisode.

Hi guys, No update yet? I am

Hi guys, No update yet? I am going to guess that you are caught between a corn field and a wheat field where there is no wi-fi or cell phone service. That can happen in the thinly populated areas of our country. Watch out for the really big clouds that have a rotational element...

I guess "soonish" was

I guess "soonish" was somewhere between yesterday and today... good to know ;)

insert lame joke about Toto

insert lame joke about Toto here____________ lol! Glad you guys are back on the road!!! Looking forward to seeing more webisodes.... not sure where "soonish" falls on the calendar though. ;) ~brooke