A journey through local music scenes in the American heartland as heard from a bicycle.

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Week 4 Webisode - Columbia, MO

Week 4 Webisode - Columbia, MO

Sat, Oct 9, 2010
Higginsville, Missouri
85 degrees, Sunny



Hello Fans and Fanatics!

After a week in limbo, we've moved on from Columbia, Missouri and their overpriced ribs/blues festivals. We find ourselves in the "region" of Higginsville. We've never heard of it either.

We had to ride 10 miles (two different 5 mile stretches) today on I70 - a divided highway, which is illegal. We did this to avoid numerous county roads, which are made up of gravel that reminds one of medieval times. Times in which automobiles had yet to be conceived. You'd think that the invention of the combustion engine would have inspired paved roads on the main arteries through middle America, yet baseball sized rocks line these roads making it more difficult to ride your bike on than a beach. Which, if anyone of you have tried to do it, you'll understand how difficult that is.

A day of flats...

Our new friend Phil - keeper of the campgrounds on which we stay - is a pyro like us. He helped us jack up our fire with some  C8H18  (gasoline). Then we let off a firework, of medium size. 

So, as you can see, Bandcycle is back in action. We're heading into Kansas this week, visiting K-City, Lawrence, and Wichita along the way. Should be a hoot or a holler, and maybe both.

Pop Culture Reference for Google: Lindsay Lohan

- Maj

Distance Biked: 72 miles

Distance Biked to Date: 1311 miles



This video is so good. The

This video is so good. The quality amazes me everytime

Its About Time Yah got Off

Its About Time Yah got Off Yah Pussy ass vacation. next time u get sick dan u better think again about goin home bitch. thats wat riding across the country is all about. u sure u from brooklyn???

Have some friends in Lawrence

Have some friends in Lawrence that absolutely love it there... it's a beautiful place with interesting people. Hope you enjoy it