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Kansas City

Kansas City

Sun, Oct 10, 2010
Kansas City, Missouri
We've had the same weather this whole trip.


It's Maj. I took down Dan's rhyming title "Kansas City - Manwich Pity" because I didn't get it. We're delayed in writing this post, and I already forget Kansas City. The downtown was very clean, I remember that much.

We saw The Ohio Players at a free concert, but we can't use their music or the footage because they didn't sign anything. Look them up in the funny pages. We also payed a visit to local band, The Roman Numerals as well as the hip dive Record Bar, which they own. A local, Killers-esque band was weilding their guitars as we strolled in. The band members bought drinks, but they looked like they were in high school. Their lyrics also sounded like high school lyrics. Heavily alliterated. We're sure the fine fellows at Record Bar would never serve underage children.

Roman Numerals

The next day we checked out a new band, The Exception who were recording some gang vox at the Uptown Theater. We think the place was haunted. If you're lucky you'll see some footage of it in the week 5 webisode.


Missouri (Misery) was basically a lot of flat tires and under-paved roads. I know it sounds like we're complaining a lot here, and maybe we are, but Dan and I had four flats in one day. ONE DAY. It ruins our mileage and forces us to add days to our trip. It's a buzz kill. Onward to Kansas.

- Maj

Pop Culture Reference for Google: Barack Obama

Distance Biked: 50 miles (2 days b/c of the flats)

Distance Biked to Date: 1361

looks like you might be near

looks like you might be near the half way mark! It is part of the morning to check out the bandcycle website. So far it looks like banjos are coming back in style. Lynn

You know what else is a buzz

You know what else is a buzz kill. Getting all hopped up on coke and waking up to find yourself in jail, spooning with a man by the nickname, Big Joe.