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Google, Kansas

Google, Kansas

Tue, Oct 12, 2010
Topeka, Kansas
77 degrees, Sunny.



Goons and Goblins,

I'd write something clever here about Topeka renaming itself to Google, but I think that sort of takes care of itself.  Writing these blogs gets difficult at times.  This is because I am too lazy to write anything after I've ridden my bicycle all day, then I put it off, then I forget what little I have to say about these towns.  If Kansas were a flavor it would be vanilla.  It's not bad, it's just normal.  Here is what I remember about Topeka, Kansas.  I rode into town, stopped at a gas station, drank an Amp, courtesy of Mountain Dew, and read a little bit on my phone from the Topeka Wikipedia page.  From there, I learned Topeka actually means "to dig good potatoes."  It was getting cold and I was waiting to be picked up in the van to drive back Lawrence where we were staying.  So I went to Wendy's, where I ate chicken nuggets, a junior bacon cheeseburger, and tried to stay warm.  I then got picked up and rode back to Lawrence in the minivan.  Glamorous, yes.  That's what I experienced in Topeka, KS.  


Pop Culture Reference for Google: LeBron James

Distance Biked: 27 miles

Distance Biked to Date: 1429 miles