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Cincinnasty, OH

Cincinnasty, OH

Thu, Sep 23, 2010
Cincinnati, Ohio
Somehow it's still in the mid-90s every day. Global what?


Interviewed by local news

Dayton and Cincinnati, as anyone from the area will tell you, are merging together. As it stands, there are about ten miles of separation between the Dayton sprawl and the Cincy sprawl. We biked through those ten miles today, and they were glorious.

Honestly, it's getting to the point where sometimes we bike all day and when we arrive at our destination that night, I can't even remember what we biked through. I know there were some suburbs, some roads, some groves of trees, and some farmland. There were lots of traffic jams when we got to Cincinnati. Every city in the country could use a public transit upgrade in Bandcycle's opinion. We took the support van downtown for a big-time interview on the Channel 9 News and feasted on meat loaf at the Mallette family residence. While we were in town we also were able to catch up with the incredibly talented, Kim Taylor who gave us a look into Queen City's music scene. Check back soon for a little article detailing our time with her and the city.

Kim Taylor

Now we have stayed with the families of every one of our members. It is time to start forging west on our own, to places many of us have never been, and may never be again. Our destination this week is Bloomington, Indiana, where a local music festival is happening. We'll let you know if you missed out by not going to Indiana University for college. It will be our third college town stop of the trip.

We've biked a pretty long way already.

- Maj


Distance Biked: 50 miles


Distance Biked to Date: 846 miles