A journey through local music scenes in the American heartland as heard from a bicycle.

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Dayton, OH

Dayton, OH

Thu, Sep 23, 2010
Dayton, Ohio
Hot. Then it rained a lot.


quarter fail

Despite what you might see on the back of a state quarter from North Carolina, Dayton, Ohio is the true home of flight. 3/4 of us at Bandcycle are from Ohio, and we take some serious pride in knowing that without us, YOU wouldn't be able to go from New York to Los Angeles in four hours. The Wright brothers are from Dayton, and it goes without saying that they are kind of a big deal.

We at Bandcycle try to encounter the night life of our host towns as frequently as possible. However, as we are tired from the daily grind, it is often our host(s) who encounter(s) the brunt of the weirdness as they attempt to "show us a good time." If this paragraph seems ambiguous, you are reading correctly. He/she knows who they are.

Dear Hosts, whomever/wherever you may be, 

Please know that Bandcycle respects your right to anonymity in such cases of "weirdness" as described above. While good times are encouraged, and sometimes provoked, what happens with Bandcycle stays with Bandcycle (unless we put you in our webisode).

- Dan

Distance Biked: 28 miles

Distance Biked to Date: 796

Wright brothers