A journey through local music scenes in the American heartland as heard from a bicycle.

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Lake Floyd, West Virginia

Lake Floyd, West Virginia

Tue, Sep 14, 2010
Salem, West Virginia
85, Partly Cloudy.


Salem's sunset


Shalom and Hello,

This morning we woke up at our camp site on Lake Tygart, cooked some breakfast and headed out on the road.  After a few early morning mountains, we were set on cruise.

For lunch, we stumbled into Big Daddy's Lounge and Restaurant, a smoke-filled 1985 haven for the biker working on his dart-game and/or complaining about the out-of-staters coming in and buying up all their property.  After a over priced and under-flavored lunch we discovered we were only a few miles away from a town with plenty of food options.  You live and you learn.  We left the mountains in the dust as route 50 evened out a bit towards Lake Floyd.  We also experienced the first front tire flat of the trip which caused Maj to have a nice twenty minute walk along the road. 

We arrived at Lake Floyd to a beautiful lake front property and a delightful stuffed-shell dinner to please our pallettes.  Thanks to Wendy from couch surfing for being totally awesome and hooking us up.  She has house concerts at her home and has it listed as a venue online.  Very cool.  Her husband Gary is a world champion freestyle frisbee player, turned professional ballet dancer, reverted frisbee champion.  Unfortunately he was out of town and we didn't get a chance to hang with him.  Off to Parkersburg, WV today.  Then on to Athens, OH for our band this week!  My legs hurt.




Distance Biked:  55 miles

Distance Biked to Date:  509 miles


Met Mike Mallette in WV at

Met Mike Mallette in WV at Tygart Lake State Park (we shared some left over firewood). Hope you guys have a wonderful adventure and stay safe. When you arrive in New Mexico make sure to stop in Madrid and take in the music scene at the Mine Shaft tavern.

I am so jealous of this

I am so jealous of this journey