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Penultimate, USA

Penultimate, USA

Tue, Nov 9, 2010
Dulzura, California
20 degrees at night. Frost in the morning. Miserable.


It's the second to last day. Not a ton to report from the road, as we're all just geared toward finishing. It's freezing cold at night, and borderline hot during the day.

We rode through a big section of sand dunes early, which was was quite unpleasant as the wind whipped grit up into our faces for fifteen miles. At this point though, I don't think anybody cares. For the past two or three days we've been riding along the southernmost road in this part of the country, desert-lined Highway 8 in California. Today we turned off onto small SR94, and were met by some gorgeous hills that really looked like what I'd imagined California to be. We're coming back into an area of vegetation, which suggests to me that we aren't far from the ocean. Signs tell us we're just over 60 miles away from our destination.

Ever since Alex joined, we've pretty much adopted a strategy of trying to finish this thing as fast as possible. 80 and 90 mile days, which would have seemed overwhelming at the beginning of our trip, now seem normal. We're running out of fuel, for sure, but the finish line is almost in sight. 

We have some cool things planned for San Diego in the coming days. Let's get it done!

- Maj

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Distance Biked: 91 miles

Distance Biked to Date: 3012