A journey through local music scenes in the American heartland as heard from a bicycle.

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Starting Point: Brooklyn, New York


Starting Point: Brooklyn, New York

Wed, Sep 1, 2010
Brooklyn, New York


Today we head out on our transamerican cyclo-musical journey to discover local music scenes across America! Be sure to follow us along the way. We'll be releasing a webisode documenting our journey every week as well as updating the blog daily from the road. See where we are on the map, and stay tuned for our hustle!

We haven't yet finished out first week, so to tide over your webisode hunger, here's a little preview of the training we did for our ride!


AWESOME IDEA! well, except

AWESOME IDEA! well, except for putting that video on the internet that is ;) Have a blast guys and hit me up if you're headin down to FLA!!! ~brooke

just when i started to miss

just when i started to miss your dance moves, i discovered this. be safe boys.



Nice moves. Websites lookin

Nice moves. Websites lookin sweet