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Princeton, New Jersey

Princeton, New Jersey

Fri, Sep 3, 2010
Princeton, New Jersey
87 degrees. Partly Cloudy.


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Hello again! Today's trip from Morristown to Princeton, New Jersey was largely uneventful. It's only been a day, and already things are blending together. The tree-lined, hilly highways in New Jersey look a lot like the ones in Virginia and Ohio, where we grew up. Highway 206 was a scenic, two-lane state route. There was plenty of traffic, but a large enough shoulder so that we never felt endangered. Our camera crew even tagged along next to us for a while, shooting some biking B-roll.

We reached Princeton in the middle of a hot afternoon, though some cloud cover helped keep things reasonable. After a brief visit we finished our day by biking to Trenton. We spent the night back up in Princeton at the Prucnal house. Paul Prucnal is a professor of engineering at Princeton, and his home is beautiful. We were treated like family the whole time, and even greeted with homemade Belgian waffles at breakfast. Delish!!

 - Dan


Distanced Biked: 52 miles

Distance Biked to Date: 94 miles



MMMMM WAFFLES!!! Keep the updates coming...Love them so far. be good fellas.

ps are you from brooklyn or are you from a place with "tree lined hilly highways"? was a little confused