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Wilmington, DE - Blue Hen Madness

Wilmington, DE - Blue Hen Madness

Sat, Sep 4, 2010
Wilmington, Delaware
82 degrees, Sunny.


Today, after a fine breakfast on the patio of our Princeton mansion, we biked from Trenton, New Jersey to Wilmington, Delaware, passing through Philadelphia on the way. Google Maps once again took us to a sketch location, as Maj and I had to bike over a bridge in Philly with a grated surface that made it appear bottomless as we road across. Looking down, we saw nothing but giant shards of glass and a large river, 100 feet below.

After a few hours (way too long) we made it through Philly and into Delaware. It was dark in Wilmington by the time we arrived. We couch surfed with a welcoming Bohemian on the campus of the University of Delaware (located in Newark, DE). He took us dumpster diving for some bagels - fortunately, we found none - and we checked out a local cover band at one of the bars. After the show, Maj and our director decided to spend a night out around the campus. The UD Blue Hens like to get very weird. We have GoPro footage of them doing whip its (if you don't know what it is, we aren't telling) until they fell right over. Since UD doesn't have a Division 1 football team, and thus isn't on ESPN much, we didn't really know about the school before our night there. Perhaps we got a skewed version of what student life is like on campus, but to us it seemed very Animal House.

 - Dan

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Distance Biked: 63 miles

Distance Biked to Date:  157 miles



whawhawhat are whip-its?

whawhawhat are whip-its? lmao!!! STAY SAFE!!