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Taos, NM

Taos, NM

Thu, Oct 28, 2010
Taos, New Mexico
50 degrees, sunny.


You're all addicted to the internet and all that other crazy digital noise.  Go outside and ride your bikes.


Whew...glad I got that off my chest.  In other news, Taos is an interesting place.  It's a small town a bit north of Santa Fe known mostly for mountain biking and skiing.  With Taos Mountain and Angelfire nearby, it's a hub for outdoor enthusiasts.  We wandered through at an interesting time of year.  It's not yet ski season, and mountain bike season is coming to a close, so we were left to hang with the locals in a town set up for tourists.  We had a cold ride through the mountains but we managed.  With an hour and a half until it closed, we were attempting to make it to a bike shop.  The only issue was that we were still almost 20 miles away.  I believe the exact quote from Maj was "well, maybe if it's downhill the whole way we can still make it."  It was.  After an exhilirating, but brisk, final twenty miles, we stiffly stumbled into one of Taos' many bike shops and got the things taken care of that needed taken care of (we needed cold weather riding gear).  We chickened out on camping in the freezing cold and checked into a local motel.  

Taos also has a legitimate art scene buried within a touristy psuedo-art scene.  We didn't have time to dig through the junk to find the treasures, but I believe our sources and it seemed pretty cool.  While grabbing beers at a local watering hole we were berated for not spending enough time in the town to truly understand its being.  That has been an ongoing issue on Bandcycle.  We always want to spend more time in the interesting places we pass through, but we must move on.  This trip's got to end sometime.  In an effort to see our berater's perspective, we attended a post-bar gathering at said berater's adobe home.  Good times and dancing were had by all.  We like you Taos.  You're alright after all.

Peace, love, and long fingered gloves,


 Pop Culture Reference for Google: Glenn Beck

Distance Biked: 80 miles

Distance Biked to Date: 2130 miles