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Week 5 Webisode: Witchitalkin 'bout?

Week 5 Webisode: Witchitalkin 'bout?

Mon, Oct 18, 2010
Wichita, Kansas
It rained. It poured. An old man snored. It didn't actually rain that much.


Bandcycle Enthusiasts,

It's Michael, the ravishingly handsome director of Bandcycle. I also go by the name Dry Bones on this trip. I'm going to start blogging sometimes too, because our cyclists bit off more than they could chew thinking they'd blog every day after cycling. They're out on the road right now, in fact. I'm in a coffee shop that plays Nickelback in loops.

I'm going to tell you what I know of Wichita, Kansas.

1. Their bars are heavily guarded (with metal detectors) and dirt cheap. Nine mixed drinks cost twelve dollars. We're pretty sure the reason the highways weren't busy at rush hour is because half of the population is taking the bus due to 3-for-1 drink induced DUIs. That's one way to reduce pollution.*

2. We always use a designated driver at Bandcycle. In Wichita, his name was Jeff, and he was maybe the nicest person we've met the whole trip. Probably one of the top-5 nicest people I've met in my life, and I've met thousands of people.

3. The city takes great pride in its downtown architecture, including a very expensive looking walking bridge.

4. Wichita is close to nothing.

5. People in Wichita don't seem to believe they can leave Wichita.

6. When we were in Wichita we felt like we might never leave. We were there for a full week, due to Dan's IT-band issues (basically a glorified knee inflammation).


We ended our week with an amazing house show by the 8-bit band Powerlifter. This was one hell of a show; check it out in the week 5 webisode when it dropz. All I can tell you about it right now is: party.

- Dry Bones

 * (I haven't done the math on the the fossil fuel cost that goes into all that alcohol - growing the wheat, shipping it, bottling it - but I bet it's saving gas for somebody.)

Pop Culture Reference for Google: Selena Gomez

Distance Biked: 111 miles (2 days)

Distance Biked to Date: 1604 miles