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1:15 to Yuma

1:15 to Yuma

Mon, Nov 8, 2010
Yuma, Arizona
Warm in the day, but as soon as the sun sets someone turns the heater off.


It's Dry Bones. My only image of Yuma came from the remake of 3:10 to Yuma, so needless to say I wasn't quite up to date on what was going on there.

Luckily, we saw a train station in town, so in my mind, our visit was a success.

You know how people tell you that everywhere in the Midwest is the same? Well I think that also applies to the Southwest. Sure, there are differences, but I couldn't tell you what they are. There's a desolated, obsolete feeling I got from everywhere we visited out here. The Southwest truly feels like a part of the world that god or whoever is running things forgot to update in a while. If you've ever played Sim City or Rollercoaster Tycoon and built a big scenario, and then realized there is a part of the world you've been overlooking for a few too many hours and the people have vandalized it and some of the rides are broken - that's what I mean.

It's beautiful, but after a while that landscape becomes the norm, and you realize that you're in a f*&ing desert and the sand blowing in the bikers faces all day was annoying as hell. Let it Rain! Let it Rain!

We stayed at a Motel 6 or a Motel 8 or whatever it was because they had a discount for rooms that only had warm water, not hot. Dan decided to pay the extra ten bucks for a room with hot water, the Diva. Dan's always a Diva when he gets too hungry. I gave him a Snickers and he took a cold shower like a man.

I digress...

The thing you need to know about today is that they biked 115 miles - the most of any day on the trip - and at the end we all ate In-N-Out, a great restaurant franchise that should expand to the eastern states.

- Dry Bones

 Pop Culture Reference for Google: Russell Crowe

Distance Biked: 115 miles

Distance Biked to Date: 2867 miles